Reduces Medical Errors and Tubing Misconnections!

Medical lines are connected to patients for many purposes - delivering medications, gases and internal feedings for example.   How many times have you seen these cables tangled, creating dangers for patients and staff alike?

With TubeCaddy®, eliminate the chaos and danger of tangled cables and tubes!

TubeCaddy® Benefits for Patients:

  • Increases patient safety and comfort
  • Helps ensure medications are organized for proper delivery
  • Keeps tubes, cables and lines snapped into slots securely but allows for patient movement and free flow of tubing
  • Reduces chance of tubing disconnects
  • Keeps cables/tubes off the floor, reducing chance of tripping.

TubeCaddy® Benefits for Nurses:

  • No more make-shift tube management workarounds
  • No more time spent untangling tubes
  • No more time spent following a tube's path to confirm it is correctly directed
  • Attaches easily to bed rails, stretchers, IV poles and wheelchairs using Velcro strap (included)
  • Can be used in every area of the hospital.
  • TubeCaddy® cleans and disinfects easily!

TubeCaddy® Description:

TC1001 - Small TubeCaddy

Accommodates 3 IV's and 2 suction tubes, meeting the needs of most hospital units.
QTY 6 per carton - $24.00

TC1002 - Large TubeCaddy

Accommodates up to 5 IV's and 3 suction tubes
QTY 6 per carton - $28.50

TC1003 - All Purpose Clip

Accommodates cords from bedside monitoring devices in all patient care/procedure areas
QTY 6 per carton - $24.00