Whitney Brand Family of Keepers™

These products are flexible to meet the needs of any lab. Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lab is free of contaminators.

Biohazard Bench-Top Keeper™ (BH2002-2003)
Biohazard Keeper™ - Floor Model (BH2009)
Pipet Keeper™ (BH2006)
Safe-Keeper™ (BH2005)

Contaminants Left Behind in Your Lab are a Real Problem…

We Have The Real Solution, the Whitney Brand Biohazard Keepers™

Biohazard contaminants left behind in the lab are a danger. Even under the best of conditions contamination can be left behind. It doesn’t matter if you use disposable bags or reusable containers. Harmful contaminates can remain on metal stands and reprocessed bins, pails and cans.

Studies show that the surfaces of reusable containers can harbor dangerous germs, EVEN AFTER DECONTAMINATIONOne study showed that more than 99% of reprocessed waste containers tested positive for bacteria*.  Another showed that 30% of containers tested positive for serious viruses including 10% with HIV**. When was the last time the bucket on your workbench was thoroughly cleaned? Do you rely on the janitorial service to make sure your lab is sanitized?

We have a solution to that problem - The Whitney Medical Solutions’ Biohazard Keepers! Feel confident that you’re reducing contaminants each time you dispose of a Biohazard Keeper™ full of biohazardous waste. With each new Keeper you’re ensuring you workspace is contaminant free.

Biohazard Bench-Top Keepers are made of sturdy paperboard and plastic lined to avoid leaking. They come in a variety of sizes offering options for your specific needs.  Use them to dispose of contaminated non-sharps like petri dishes, pipets, test tubes, applicator sticks, swabs and other non-sharp items right at your work station. Self-locking tops keep contents safely enclosed. Containers prominently carry the biohazard symbol. Autoclave contaminated materials inside the container, then dispose of it according to your local, state or federal regulations. Less expensive than rigid sharps containers, the Bench-Top Keepers™ save you money and keep your workstation neat and clean.

Biohazard Keepers - Floor Model feature a sturdy, corrugated container lined with a leak-resistant 2 mil plastic liner.  The unique Reclose-a/Remove-a-Lid™ allows you to reclose the container during use to reduce odors and mess.  The wide-mouth opening allows you to dispose of large items, or entire racks of tubes or pipet tips all at once.  When the container is full, a separate flap can be folded over the top to permanently close the lid for disposal.  Containers prominently carry the biohazard symbol and warnings are printed on the containers in English and Spanish.

Broken Glass Keepers come in both Bench-Top and Floor models and offer a solution to the handling of non-contaminated broken glass.  Prominently marked with broken glass symbols, these containers heighten the awareness of the dangers of broken glass and help reduce the incidence of injury by keeping glass isolated from non-sharp waste.

All containers ship and store flat, conserving valuable storage space and assemble easily in seconds.

Don't let contaminant get left behind in your lab!