No-Scratch™ Whitney Valitome™ for Bone Cement Removal

The Scratch-less Solution for Removing Cement in Hard-to-reach Places

Getting to those hard to reach places to remove cement during implant surgery is critical for a positive outcome. It’s essential to use the best tool for the job-one that won’t compromise the long-term outcome by scratching the prosthesis.  What is our real solution to this real problem?  Whitney Medical Solutions' No-Scratch Whitney Valitome.

A Perfect Design for Easy Bone Cement Application

The Valitome's 13mm osteotome-style straight tip applies cement evenly for better adherence. The narrow profile gets into hard-to-reach places and the curette’s sharp edge easily removes cement from flat surfaces.

The Valitome’s design was inspired by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Wayne Goldstein, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. To show our appreciation, we named this new tool after his granddaughter, Valerie.

The safe and easy-to-use, disposable No-Scratch Whitney Valitome is perfect for quickly applying, manipulating and removing bone cement during hip and knee replacement surgery. The Valitome is made of sturdy plastic reducing the risk of damage to the prosthesis due to metal instruments. Our one-time use curettes are economical and save time. No need to clean or scrape dried cement from instruments.

Features of Our Disposable No-Scratch™ Whitney Valitomes™


  • Made of plastic - sturdy yet softer than surgical steel.


  • Each tool has a molded-in thumb indentation instantly orienting the tool.
  • Easier to maneuver in hard to see places.
  • Color-coded for easy identification.


  • Comes individually packaged in sterile, peel open pouch, ready to go.
  • Applies, manipulates, or removes cement with fingertip precision.


  • The cost of a single revision dwarfs the cost of a single-use curette. 
  • Disposable – there’s no need to waste time removing hardened cement or re-sterilizing tools.
  • Less expensive to buy and inventory - order only the tool you use.
  • Packaged 25 individually wrapped tools to a carton for convenient shelf storage.

The No-Scratch Whitney Curettes come in four shapes designed to meet the needs of any surgeon.

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