Custom eShield Covers

Attention: Medical Device and App Developers!


Custom eShield Sterile Covers


for OEM medical devices and apps

like digital tablets, cameras, remote controls, displays, and transducers

 eShield is the only FDA approved cover that

enables your customers to use

your smart devices in a sterile surgical environment.

Are you developing a hand-held device for the O.R. that can’t be sterilized?

Do you develop smart-device apps for surgeons and O.R. nurses to use in the sterile field?

You need a way to keep your device sterile during O.R. aseptic procedures.

Now there's


the first FDA-approved sterile cover for electronic devices and cameras in the O.R.

  • Allows your device to be used in the O.R. sterile field.
  • Touch-screen compatible, even with double gloves.
  • Protects the patient from contaminants on the device.
  • Ultra-clear film allows sharp photos.

The eShield is the solution to bring your product directly to the sterile field!

The eShield creates a barrier from contaminants on smart devices and electronics making them usable in a sterile environment.


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at 1-800-DEVICES


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 eShield allows your user to

bring your device to the sterile field.

The eShield cover creates a barrier from contaminants on devices. It features:

eShield™ brings your device

to the sterile field.


Patent pending

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