Over Thirty Years of Medical Solutions

Whitney Medical Solutions (WMS) is a family owned designer and manufacturer of laboratory products, disposable surgical instruments, and disposable electronic device covers. It is Whitney's mission to provide Real Solutions for Real Problems™.

Founded in 1984, WMS has served the medical community by developing innovative products for over 30 years. We have done this with the belief that there are economical alternatives to the way things are done so no one is forced to choose between convenience and high safety standards. With WMS, no compromise is ever needed.

Our line of Whitney Biohazard Keepers™ and other lab products provide durable, disposable, biohazard management systems and lab tools. We offer Keepers specifically designed for use right at the workstation and other Keepers for use in common disposal areas. Contaminated pipets, petri dishes, applicator sticks, test tubes and entire racks, can all be tossed away easily and safely to help eliminate the threat of contamination.

Our line of No-Scratch™ Whitney Curettes™ are plastic, disposable curettes designed to safely removing bone cement during orthopedic surgery. This special tool reduces the risk of scratching the implant with metal tools like a scalpel.  Shipped in sterile packaging, No-Scratch Whitney Curettes save time and money and help ensure the long-term life of the prosthesis.

Single use eShield™ line of FDA Approved, sterile covers for handheld electronic devices and cameras are designed to keep designated sterile fields safe from contaminants on the devices during use in sterile surgical areas and research clean room environments. Disposable eShield™ Stay-Clean™ Covers for handheld devices, phones, and tablets are made of FDA approved materials, are WMS ISO 13485:2016 Certified, and are designed to minimize cross contamination during use and handling in non-sterile settings.

We’re proud to say our products are recyclable, American-made in our on-site manufacturing facility where we also handle warehousing and distribution. You are assured of swift and accurate order fulfillment and the highest level of service possible. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of medical professionals from small-specialized labs to the largest research labs and hospitals.

30 years was just the beginning. At Whitney Medical Solutions, we look forward to many more years of innovative products that provide real solutions for real problems in the medical community! What solutions can we provide for you?

Steven G. Whitney