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eShield Covers for Electronics - The Sterile Solution for the Digital OR

 eShield™ is the only FDA approved cover that enables you to bring

your smart
devices into a sterile surgical environment.

Tablets, smart phones and electronics are essential tools in today’s medical world. The untapped potential for them in the OR is incredible.

Today a surgeon has access to lab results, real time consultations and the ability to take pictures and share images during a procedure.

However, surgeons must step outside their surgical sterile field to utilize these resources.

  • This requires putting a time-sensitive surgery on hold.
  • This adds more steps to an already complex process.
  • This also means surgeons now have to take precautions to ensure they return safely to their work

The eShield is the solution to time lost and added extra steps!

How Do eShield Sterile Covers for Electronics Work?

The eShield Sterile Cover creates a barrier from contaminants on smart devices and electronics making them usable in a sterile environment.

  • No more waiting to access records
  • or lab results.
  • No more losing valuable time unnecessarily.
  • No more using repurposed bags as a work-around solution.

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eShieldeasily accommodates aseptic technique.

Features of our Sterile Covers for Electronics:

The eShield cover creates a barrier from contaminants on devices. It features:

  • Meets ASTM 1670 Standards: Resistance of a Material to Synthetic Blood Penetration.
  • Ultra-clear polyethylene film for sharp photos.
  • Touch screen compatibility with gloves.
  • Allows use of surgical apps in the sterile field.
  • Easy-to-use and disposable.
  • Made in the USA

Nurses responsible for managing the OR can rest assured that the eShield helps reduce disruptions and protects the sterile environment from contaminants on devices.

eShield™ was inspired by surgeons and developed for surgeons.

Available for most tablet, phone and camera makes and models