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For over 30 years, we have been focused on turning great ideas into medical devices and solutions to help the medical community get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. That's what we do!


Don't Scratch the Implant!

Scratching Prosthesis During Surgery is a Real Problem…The No-Scratch™ Whitney Curette™ is the Solution.

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Save Your Sharps Container for Sharps

Save Money with Whitney's Bench-Top Keeper™ for NON-SHARPS Disposal, and Use Your Sharps Container for Sharps.

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Prescription Drug Collection

Easily collect and dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs safely and conveniently with our disposable, corrugated containers.

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Germ-Control Barriers for Hand-Held Devices

Designed to cover hand-held devices to reduce the cross-contamination. Surface barriers are an essential part of proper infection control protocol. 

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