3-In-1 Test Tube Rack Configurations:


Perfect for every step throughout the clinical testing process. Safely collect, store, and transport lab samples to and from testing sites, labs, hospitals, and clinical research facilities. Request a Test n' Toss Sample

Quickly and Easily Configure for:

  • Bench-Top Sample Collection

  • Stack and Store Test Tubes

  • Transport Collected Test Tube Samples from Testing Sites

  • Customize Test Tube Stability and Locking Enclosure

It's PPE for Tablets & Cell Phones:

It is widely accepted that hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection, its benefits are diminished when a contaminated device is touched and shared.

eShield™ Stay-Clean™ covers make the reduction of cross contamination from high touch surfaces easier, quicker, and less risky than disinfecting the device itself.

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Innovative Surgical Instruments & Lab Waste Solutions



Lab Solutions

When dealing with potential hazardous material in the lab, there can be no shortcuts.  Whether you need disposable biohazard waste containers, broken glass collection containers, or disposable test tube racks,Whitney Medical Solutions offers real solutions to real problems™.

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Surgical Solutions

Our line of plastic, disposable, No-Scratch™ Whitney Curettes™ is the solution to reducing the risk of micro scratches to the implant during surgery. With eShield™ Sterile Covers, you can safely bring your handheld devices into the sterile OR, using invaluable apps and technology right in the sterile field.

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Providing Real Solutions for Real Problems™

For over 30 years, we have been focused on turning great ideas into medical devices and solutions to help the medical community get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.

bone cement removal plastic curette

Don't Scratch the Implant!

Scratching a knee or hip prosthesis while removing bone cement during surgery is a real problem…The No-Scratch™ Whitney Curette™ is the solution.

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Biohazard Waste Bench-Top Container Disposable

Save Your Sharps Container for Sharps

Keep your working space clean and safe while saving on costly sharps disposal for non-sharps waste with Biohazard Bench-Top Keeper™.

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Prescription Drug Collection

Easily collect and dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs safely and conveniently with our disposable, corrugated containers.

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Disposable Cell Phone Covers Tablet Cover Reduce Germs infection Control

Disposable Cell Phone and Tablet Covers

Cover hand-held devices and reduce cross-contamination. Surface barriers are an essential part of proper infection control protocol. 

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