What We Do

Whitney Medical Solutions provides Real Solutions for Real Problems™ within the medical community.

We live in a world of solutions that we can’t imagine living without: smart phones, cloud technology, Thinsulate™ and so many more. At Whitney Medical Solutions, we applaud solutions that have emerged with enough brilliance and impact to shift our daily lives. But we also know there are an infinite number of undiscovered medical innovations still out there— exciting ideas that meet needs and challenges in the medical world.  

That’s what we do. At Whitney Medical Solutions, we unearth real needs, and then fill the gap with answers that have substantial value. We find Real Solutions For Real Problems in the lab and operating room (OR) environments. Our focus has always been on the medical community and the needs and hurdles that prevent medical professionals from getting their jobs done efficiently and effectively.

We’re proud of the innovative answers that have surfaced over the years. We discovered the need for a biohazard container alternative, for example, and created the Whitney line of Biohazard Keeper™ products. We improved and added to the line containers designed in a variety of sizes for use both in bench-top and floor model configurations. For Surgeons, we discovered there is better way to remove bone cement during knee and hip replacement surgery—a smart innovation that didn’t risk scratching the metal implant or cause more work for nurses and staff. That better way is our one-use No-Scratch™ Whitney Curette™. We saw a need to keep hand held electronic devices from contaminating the sterile field when in use surgical arenas and clean room research facilities and introduced eShield an FDA approved sterile cover for cameras, phones and tablets.

Today, we’re focused on the future, looking for real solutions to your very real problems. We have a few diamonds in development that need polishing, but you’ll be the first to be enlightened about them when they’re ready to share.  So please come back to this site from time to time to see if there’s something new that you might consider brilliant—and unable to live without once you’ve had the chance to use it.