Finding Solutions to Real Problems is our future.
Make it part of yours!

Welcome to Flash™

The Whitney Medical Solutions portion of our website where we connect your Aha! Moments with our years of medical manufacturing experience.

Ever been struck by a flash of genius while working in the lab?  

Ever said to yourself…?

  • There should be a better way to do this!
  • Why hasn’t someone made a better…?
  • If only we had something that would do…


Maybe you have…


  • An idea for a product modification. 
  • Identified a problem that needs a solution.
  • A new product in mind that solves a problem. 

Why bring your idea to Whitney? 

A Money Making Opportunity for you...and because...

  • Whitney Medical Solutions has over twenty years experience manufacturing products for the medical environment.
  • Our future is in NEW products so we are committed to taking new ideas to market. 
  • Your idea will not fall into some black hole! Whitney is a family owned manufacturer with real, accessible people at the helm.

Sound interesting?

Take a minute to go to our FAQ page to find out more.

It is very easy to get started! Fill out the Whitney Medical Solutions New Idea Submission Form

Problems and solutions are both candidates for new products.  If you have a solution, Whitney Medical Solutions will help you bring it to market.  If you have identified a problem, we will help you find a solution! 

After submission, you will hear back from our Product Development Group within 2 -3 business days.   If we have decided to accept your idea for further review, the collaboration begins, with us doing the legwork!


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