Terms and Conditions


Whitney Medical Solutions is interested in improving its products or services and is therefore willing to review ideas from outside sources.  However, because Whitney Medical Solutions is engaged in its own development work, it must take certain precautions.  Accordingly, in order to avoid any future confusion or misunderstanding about the source of ideas for new products or services, Whitney Medical Solutions will only review ideas from outside sources under the following conditions:

  1. Whitney Medical Solutions urges the Submitter to take all steps necessary to protect his/her idea.  The Submitter should consult an attorney and, if appropriate, file for patent protection or copyright protection.  
  2. The Submitter represents that he/she is the owner of the idea or has the right to submit the idea to Whitney Medical Solutions.

  3. In consideration of the review and evaluation that Whitney Medical Solutions is being asked to make, and in recognition of the fact that the ideas contained in Submitter’s disclosure may already be available to Whitney Medical Solutions from its own personnel, or from public information, or from another source unknown to Submitter, Submitter waives any right that might arise out of such disclosure with the exception of those rights of Submitter that are protected by United States or foreign patents or copyrights.

  4. The Submitter does not give Whitney Medical Solutions any rights under any patents, patent applications, or copyrights which cover the idea.  However, in return for the review and evaluation of the idea, Submitter hereby releases Whitney Medical Solutions, its directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliates from any liability in connection with the idea or because of use of any portion of the idea except liability that may arise as a result of a valid patent or copyright owned by the Submitter.

  5. Whitney Medical Solutions has no obligation to keep the disclosure secret or confidential and no confidential relationship exists or is established through Whitney Medical Solutions acceptance and review of the idea.

  6. A full written disclosure of all aspects of the idea must be submitted to Whitney Medical Solutions before a full review is undertaken.  If a patent application has been filed covering the idea, the disclosure should include a copy of the patent application.

  7. Whitney Medical Solutions may make copies of all materials disclosed to it and retain a copy in its files.  The Submitter should maintain a duplicate copy of all disclosure materials submitted to Whitney Products.

  8. Whitney Medical Solutions makes no promise of compensation to the Submitter.  Whitney Medical Solutions only obligation is to indicate its interest or non-interest in the idea.

  9. No obligation of any kind is assumed by nor may be implied against Whitney Medical Solutions unless and until a formal written agreement has been executed between Whitney Medical Solutions and the Submitter, and then the only obligation of Whitney Medical Solutions shall be to comply with the terms in the formal written agreement.

  10. All of the conditions mentioned herein apply as well to any other information the Submitter discloses to Whitney Medical Solutions which relates to this subject matter.