The Right Tool for the Right Job is Critical Especially in the OR

...Having the Wrong Tool Can be Disastrous!

Until now surgeons haven’t had a special tool for safely removing cement from and sculpting cement around bone during total hip and knee replacement surgeries. They’ve had to rely on less precise methods or using metal tools that can scratch prostheses. These micro-scratches can compromise the strength and durability of the prosthetic with impact on positive outcomes long-term.

Nurses have had to deal with the instruments used this way by trying to clean off the cement before it dries completely or trying to chip it away once it has set. This is both time consuming and can damage the instrument.

We have real solutions to these problems. The Whitney Medical Solutions' No-Scratch® Whitney Curette™.  With a family of four curettes, we have the right tool for the removal of bone cement job. The safe and easy-to-use, disposable No-Scratch® Whitney Curette™ is perfect for quickly applying, manipulating, and removing bone cement during hip and knee replacement surgery. The No-Scratch® Whitney Curette™ is made of sturdy plastic, reducing the risk of damaging the prosthetic with metal instruments.


No-Scratch™ Whitney Curettes™ Family:

Our one-time use curettes are economical and save time. No need to clean or scrape dried cement from instruments. The disposable No-Scratch® Whitney Curette™ means no re-sterilizing or re-stocking.