Keeping the TubeCaddy® Disinfected: Best Practices for Cleaning and Disinfecting Velcro® in Patient Care Devices

    Jun 10, 2019 6:33:33 PM / by Christina Czeszewski

    Christina Czeszewski

    Disinfecting Velcro in Tube Caddy


    The TubeCaddy is not a medical device, but is most closely similar to items classified as noncritical reusable medical equipment. According to the CDC, “virtually no risk has been documented for transmission of infectious agents to patients through noncritical items when they are used as noncritical items and do not contact non-intact skin and/or mucous membranes”.  Other examples of noncritical reusable medical equipment / noncritical patient-care items are bedpans, blood pressure cuffs, crutches and computers.


    However, the TubeCaddy is designed to organize and secure IV lines, suction tubes, and monitoring device cords through attachment to a bed rail, stretcher, or IV pole, and are typically needed in the intensive care unit (ICU) or similar environments with multiple lines, where patients are their most vulnerable. Cleaning and disinfecting the TubeCaddy between each use is recommended to reduce healthcare associated infections (HAI).


    Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Noncritical Medical Equipment

    The CDC Isolation Guideline recommends that “noncritical equipment contaminated with blood, body fluids, secretions, or excretions be cleaned and disinfected after use.“

    The same guideline recommends that, in addition to cleaning, disinfection of bedside equipment is indicated for certain pathogens, which can survive in the inanimate environment for prolonged periods. Noncritical medical equipment surfaces should be disinfected with an EPA-registered low or intermediate-level disinfectant. Use of a disinfectant will provide antimicrobial activity that is likely to be achieved with minimal additional cost or work.

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    How to Clean and Disinfect the Tube Caddy

    The TubeCaddy is comprised of polypropylene plastic and a Velcro strip. TubeCaddy manufacturer, Whitney Medical Solutions™, recommends that users follow their facility's existing procedures for cleaning and disinfecting plastics such as polypropylene and hook-and-loop style straps such as Velcro.

    The Winnipeg (Canada) Regional Health Authority recommends that Velcro be cleaned by removing lint and soaking in a hospital-approved disinfectant, followed by allowing the strap to dry completely.

    The Velcro Product Care Guide recommends using a stiff brush or another piece of hook to remove lint, and advises that the hook portion should be covered at all times so it does not grab onto anything it should not, preventing debris collection. Engaging the hook and loop before washing is also recommended.

    Manufacturer testing through Whitney Medical Solutions, has shown that the TubeCaddy can withstand soaking in common disinfectants such as 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, 10% Chlorine Bleach and common Quaternary Ammonium Compound disinfectants for over 72 hours without adverse effect, except for a moderate reduction in "grip" of the Velcro strap, (that occurs even with water).  For specific disinfectants, Whitney Medical Solutions recommends testing before use.

    Preventing HAI Occurrences

    Preventing infection throughout patient care saves lives and money, and your patients are trusting in your ability to keep them safe while in your care. Diligence in cleaning, disinfecting, and where appropriate, sterilizing, has become increasingly important. Refer to the CDC Isolation Guideline for additional information. Contact Whitney Medical Solutions at (800) 338-4237 if you have any further questions regarding the safe use of the TubeCaddy, or any other Whitney Medical Solutions products or devices.

    About Whitney Medical Solutions:

    Whitney Medical Solutions™ (WMS) is a designer and manufacturer of medical devices. Founded in 1984, WMS has served the medical community by developing innovative products for almost 30 years. Focused on the medical community and the needs and hurdles that prevent medical professionals from getting their jobs done efficiently and effectively, WMS finds Real Solutions For Real Problems in the lab and operating room (OR) environments. Contact Whitney Medical Solutions at (800) 338-4237 or visit their website at Whitney Medical Solutions.

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