Prevent the Spread of Germs on Mobile High Touch Surfaces: Cell Phones, Tablets and Keyboards

    [ May 11, 2020 4:31:10 PM / by Christina Czeszewski posted in reduce cross contamination, germ free digital, mobile device disinfection, tablet disinfection, germ spread prevention, germ prevention, plastic covers tablet, plastic cover cell phone, protective barrier HAI, disinfecting high touch surfaces, cell phone disinfection, reduce HAI

    Preventing the spread of germs helps keep you and others from getting sick. While many first think of washing hands or wearing latex gloves and face masks as preventative actions, these are not the only ways to fight germs. In fact, a vast number of germs are found in the most overlooked places. In order to avoid cross contamination, it is important to be aware of solutions that keep these unsuspecting germ-spreading culprits in mind.

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