Top Healthcare Conferences for Nurses in 2018

    Dec 14, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Barbara Mott


    Conferences are among the best ways to learn about new trends in your industry, network with other companies, or develop new skills. However, it can be difficult to find the one that will match your specific interests and be worth your time. Here is a list of the various professional conferences that you can attend in 2018.

    Here are some initial tips to follow prior to attending an event.

    Stick with a Schedule and Do All the Research Needed

    Once you have determined which conference you want to attend and are ready to prepare for it, the first thing you should do is develop a schedule to follow while you’re there. Your schedule will designate which speakers and topics to cover, along with any break and lunch times as needed.

    Go with a Partner

    It’s advisable to avoid going to a conference alone. Bringing someone with you can help guarantee you cover everything you want when you want to. This is especially beneficial if you have multiple events going on at the same time, as you can split up and take notes separately. Then you can meet up following the events and compare notes. If you don’t have a partner, you can meet with someone at the event who’s willing to share with you what they learn from other events.

    Try to Network as Much as Possible

    Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of attending a conference, as this can increase your number of prospects and associates. Staying at a nearby hotel that the event designates is one of the best ways to find more contacts, meeting up outside of the event.

    Keeping these tips in mind, you can make the most of your attendance at any conference. Here’s a list of the professional nursing conferences for 2018.

    OR Manager Conference

    When: September 17-19
    Where: Music City Center in Nashville, TN
    Hosted By: OR Manager publication
    Topics Covered: Keynote speakers will cover the current best practices for analysis and management of the surgical suite, including OR efficiency, patient safety, infection control, sterilization, and standards and regulations.
    Who Should Attend: OR managers and directors
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: $799-$1,399

    OR Excellence Conference

    When: October 3-5
    Where: Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Hosted By: Outpatient Surgery Magazine
    Topics Covered: Keynote speakers discuss topics regarding ways to increase patient satisfaction and facility reimbursement, among many others.
    Who Should Attend: Surgical facility professionals
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: ~$1,686

    ANA Quality and Innovation Conference

    When: March 21-23
    Where: Orlando, FL
    Hosted By: American Nurses Association
    Topics Covered: Reputable keynote speakers will discuss how to innovate and maintain quality in the nursing field.
    Who Should Attend: Nursing leaders focused on quality assurance and safety
    Cost: $549-$949

    ASCA 2018

    When: April 11-14
    Where: Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA
    Hosted By: Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
    Topics Covered: Industry exhibitors provide information about safety and preparation for AAAHC accreditation, among other topics.
    Who Should Attend: Physicians, administrators, owners, and staff at ASC                              
    Cost: $195-$1,105

    The AAACN 43rd Annual Conference

    When: May 9-12
    Where: Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Lake Buena Vista, FL
    Hosted By: American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
    Topics Covered: Speakers will cover innovation and best practices in ambulatory care nursing.
    Who Should Attend: Nurses who deal with patients in an outpatient setting                   
    Cost: $35-$699

    18th National Neonatal Nurses Conference

    When: September 5-8
    Where: Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, LA
    Hosted By: Academy of Neonatal Nursing
    Topics Covered: Speakers will discuss best practices and innovations in neonatal care.
    Who Should Attend: Neonatal nurses        
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    ISPAN 2018

    When: September 27-October 1
    Where: Westin River North Hotel in Chicago, IL
    Hosted By: International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses
    Topics Covered: TBA
    Who Should Attend: Aesthetic nurses                 
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    NAON 38th Annual Congress

    When: May 19-22
    Where: Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, NM
    Hosted By: National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses
    Topics Covered: Speakers will cover current and future practices in orthopedic nursing, as well as innovation in the field.
    Who Should Attend: Orthopedic nurses               
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: $360-$853

    NTI 2018 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exhibition

    When: May 21-24
    Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, MA
    Hosted By: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
    Topics Covered: Sessions will cover a wide range of nursing topics, including patient care, pediatrics, and crisis management, among others.
    Who Should Attend: Acute and critical care nurses
    Cost: $106-$660 (fees will increase after April 4)

    2018 Nurse Anesthetists Annual Congress

    When: September 21-25
    Where: Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA
    Hosted By: American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
    Topics Covered: Keynote speakers will cover various topics pertaining to the administering of and care for patients under anesthestia.
    Who Should Attend: Nurses who take care of patients before, during and after surgical or obstetrical procedures
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    IHI/NPSF Patient Safety Congress

    When: May 23-25
    Where: Boston, MA
    Hosted By: Institute for Healthcare Improvement
    Topics Covered: Conference includes seminars, workshops, breakout sessions, keynote speeches, and demonstrations dedicated solely to patient safety.
    Who Should Attend: Patient Safety & Risk Managers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare executives
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo

    When: March 24-28
    Where: New Orleans, LA
    Hosted By: Association of Operating Room Nurses
    Topics Covered: 70 live educational sessions dedicated to innovations, technology, and other trends in surgery.
    Who Should Attend: OR nurses, managers, directors, and other healthcare professionals
    Cost: TBA

    14th Annual Nursing Research Conference

    When: May 2-3
    Where: Marriott Cleveland East in Cleveland, OH
    Hosted By: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
    Topics Covered: Experts will discuss themes such as: the role of the clinical nurse in advancing the science of nursing; strategies to enhance the quality and rigor of scientific inquiry; research design options (basic and advanced levels); strategies to strengthen study designs through fidelity of interventions and data collection and methods for disseminating findings, including tips for writing for publication.
    Who Should Attend: Nurses and other healthcare professionals
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    International Congress on Nursing Care Plan and Health

    When: July 16-18
    Where: TBA
    Hosted By: Conference Series LLC
    Topics Covered: Conference focuses on educational research directed towards evidence based care, promoting computerized nursing care plan through oral and poster presentations, educational workshop sessions, and influential plenary presentations.
    Who Should Attend: Nurses and other healthcare professionals
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    APHON Annual Conference and Exhibit

    When: September 13-15
    Where: Savannah International Trade & Convention Center in Savannah, GA
    Hosted By: Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses
    Topics Covered: Speakers and exhibitors will cover the current and future trends in hematology and oncology nursing.
    Who Should Attend: Nurses who specialize in hematology and oncology
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    AMSN Annual Convention

    When: September 13-16
    Where: Disney's Coronado Springs Hotel in Lake Buena Vista, FL
    Hosted By: Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses
    Topics Covered: Topics will discuss how to improve patient care and the convention will offer changes to connect with other nurses who share similar challenges.
    Who Should Attend: Nurses who wish to make connections with others in their industry
    Agenda: TBA
    Cost: TBA

    Attend a Professional Nursing Conference and Learn from the Best

    When you attend any of these professional nursing conferences in 2018, you’ll benefit from education from many of the top professionals in the medical field. You’ll learn everything you need to keep up with the latest industry trends and technology, patient safety, and other aspects of the nursing industry.