Top 2019 & 2020 Nursing & Healthcare Conferences to Attend

    Nov 1, 2019 3:01:24 PM / by Christina Czeszewski

    Christina Czeszewski

    Nursing Healthcare Conferences

    One of the best ways to learn about the latest trends in your industry, develop current and new skills, and network with other professionals is to attend healthcare conferences. While it may be hard to choose the right conference for you based on the knowledge and experience you want to gain, here is a list of upcoming healthcare and nursing conferences in 2019 and 2020.

    2019 Nursing & Healthcare Conferences


    Academy of Medical-Surgeon Nurses Annual Convention

    When: September 26-29

    Where: Chicago, IL

    Hosted By: Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

    Topics Covered: Keynote speakers and presentations will cover the latest products, publications, and technologies to help you develop your practice, with poster presentations that spotlight colleagues who wish to share what they do for medical-surgical units across the globe.

    Who Should Attend: Medical-surgical nurses, care coordinators, clinical nurse specialists/nursing supervisors/nurses, nurse leaders/educators/managers/practitioners, administrators, researchers, students


    Cost: $275-$640

    Emergency Nursing 2019

    When: September 29 - October 2

    Where: Austin, TX

    Hosted By: Emergency Nurses Association

    Topics Covered: Industry professionals among the best in their field will share their knowledge regarding the advancement of emergency nursing, with over 100 educational courses available.

    Who Should Attend: Emergency nursing professionals


    Cost: $250-$1,000


    APNA 33rdd Annual Conference - Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses: The Whole Health Connection

    When: October 2-5

    Where: New Orleans, LA

    Hosted By: American Psychiatric Nurses Association

    Topics Covered: Learn from reputable professionals in the psychiatric nursing industry, who cover a wide range of mental health topics including addictions, depression and suicide prevention, integrated care, and much more.

    Who Should Attend: Psychiatric and mental health nursing professionals and other mental health professionals


    Cost: $299-$1,079

    OR Excellence 2019

    When: October 3-5

    Where: New Orleans, LA

    Hosted By: Outpatient Surgery Magazine

    Topics Covered: Learn new skills and network with colleagues to develop as a healthcare or OR professional.

    Who Should Attend: OR leaders and physicians


    Cost: $675-$975

    46th Annual Professional Nurse Educators Group Conference

    When: October 3-6

    Where: Cleveland, OH

    Hosted By: Cleveland Clinic Nursing Institute

    Topics Covered: Learn from experienced professional nursing educators about how to develop your career and strategize as an educator in the nursing field.

    Who Should Attend: Nursing educators


    Cost: $125-$775

    45th Annual Transcultural Nursing Conference

    When: October 16-19

    Where: Richmond, VA

    Hosted By: Transcultural Nursing Society

    Topics Covered: Keynote speakers will cover a variety of transcultural nursing topics, including self-efficacy, cultural competence education, and the future of transcultural nursing.

    Who Should Attend: Transcultural nursing and mental health care professionals


    Cost: $175-$625

    eClinicalWorks National Conference

    When: October 18-20

    Where: Orlando, FL

    Hosted By: eClinicalWorks

    Topics Covered: 115 breakout sessions featuring product experts will cover all of the latest tools that power healthcare practices.

    Who Should Attend: Healthcare IT professionals


    Cost: Free-$950

    HLTH - The Future of Healthcare

    When: October 27-30

    Where: Las Vegas, NV

    Hosted By: HLTH

    Topics Covered: This large-scale forum allows for the collaboration of many healthcare and pharmaceutical industry professionals, developing a marketplace for key stakeholders who are paving the way for a new health ecosystem.

    Who Should Attend: Healthcare providers, payers, employers, startups, investors, pharma, innovation centers, and policymakers


    Cost: $2,500-$3,100


    APHA Annual Meeting & Expo

    When: November 2-6

    Where: Philadelphia, PA

    Hosted By: American Public Health Association

    Topics Covered: As one of the largest and most influential events for public health professionals, keynote speakers discuss a wide range of topics, including aging and public health, refugee and immigrant health, disability, community health planning, environment, and much more.

    Who Should Attend: Public health professionals

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: $70-$990

    Healthcare & Nursing Conferences in 2020


    Primary Care Update 2020

    When: January 23-25

    Where: Bonita Springs, FL

    Hosted By: University Learning Systems

    Topics Covered: Healthcare professionals can get ahead on their medical CME and pharmacy CE over the course of three days, with many small-sized classes and reputable clinical faculty.

    Who Should Attend: Physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nurses


    Cost: $599-$650


    2020 Latino Leadership Institute

    When: February 7-9

    Where: Washington, DC

    Hosted By: National Association of Hispanic Nurses

    Topics Covered: This conference calls on the nation’s policymakers to help shape the dialogue around the issues affecting patients and communities in the Latino community.

    Who Should Attend: Bilingual and bicultural Latinx nurses

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: TBA


    Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Global Conference & Exhibition

    When: March 9-13

    Where: Orlando, FL

    Hosted By: HIMSS

    Topics Covered: Topics covered in this event will include applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, biomedical or healthcare informatics, cybersecurity and privacy, consumerization, patient experience, and much more.

    Who Should Attend: Healthcare IT professionals, public health professionals


    Cost: $425-$1,485

    Nursing Education Research Conference

    When: March 26-28

    Where: Washington, DC

    Hosted By: Sigma & NLN

    Topics Covered: Workshops and sessions cover many different topics in nurse education, including qualitative and quantitative research and practice doctorates, the study of incivility, and best teaching practices.

    Who Should Attend: Nurse educators


    Cost: $450-$735

    AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2020

    When: March 28 - April 1

    Where: Anaheim, CA

    Hosted By: AORN

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Perioperative nurses

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: TBA


    16th Annual Clinical Nursing Research Conference

    When: April 27-28

    Where: Cleveland, OH

    Hosted By: Cleveland Clinic

    Topics Covered: Over 20 oral presentations and 60 poster presentation, along with a dozen research analysis, design, and dissemination workshops can help clinical and academic attendees learn more about nursing research methods and best practices.

    Who Should Attend: Nurse educators


    Cost: $200-$350

    NICHE Conference 2020: Driving Geriatric Nursing Excellence

    When: April 27 - May 1

    Where: New Orleans, LA

    Hosted By: NICHE

    Topics Covered: Topics covered at this conference will include wellness, safety, NICHE program development and practice environments, and technology and innovations related to elderly care.

    Who Should Attend: Nurses and other healthcare professionals

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: $750-$1,150


    National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition

    When: May 3-7

    Where: Indianapolis, IN

    Hosted By: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Critical-care nursing professionals

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: $690-$990

    American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing 45th Annual Conference

    When: May 8-11

    Where: Palm Springs, CA

    Hosted By: AACN

    Topics Covered: Nurses can connect with others and develop their leadership skills with keynote speeches discussing the future of nursing.

    Who Should Attend: Nursing professionals


    Cost: $239-$719

    ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference: ANA - Igniting P.O.W.E.R.

    When: May 13-15

    Where: West Palm Beach, FL

    Hosted By: ANCC

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: TBA

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: TBA

    2020 IHI Patient Safety Congress

    When: May 13-15

    Where: Orlando, FL

    Hosted By: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

    Topics Covered: Topics covered will include safety across the continuum of care, culture and leadership, learning systems for improving safety, safety and equity for fragile and vulnerable populations, workforce safety, patient- and family-engagement

    Who Should Attend: Front-line staff, officers, directors, vice presidents, C-level executives, physicians, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, professors, researchers, policymakers, consultants, patient advocates


    Cost: $700-$1,700

    ASCA 2020

    When: May 13-16

    Where: Orlando, FL

    Hosted By: ASCA

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Physicians, clinical staff, administrators, human resources professionals, and more


    Cost: TBA

    NAON 40th Annual Congress

    When: May 30 - June 2

    Where: Pittsburgh, PA

    Hosted By: NAON

    Topics Covered: Topics covered at this event will include orthopaedic nursing practice changes to be implemented based on evidence-based research and practice, along with the adoption of best practices and innovation.

    Who Should Attend: Orthopaedic nursing educators


    Cost: TBA


    NAHN 45th Annual Conference

    When: July 14-17

    Where: Miami, FL

    Hosted By: National Association of Hispanic Nurses

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Bilingual and Latinx nursing professionals

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: TBA

    5th Annual National Nurse Empowerment Conference

    When: July 25

    Where: Davie, FL

    Hosted By: National Nurse Empowerment Institute

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Nurses, nurse leaders, executives, nursing students, nurse entrepreneurs

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: $69-$89


    AANA 2020 Annual Congress

    When: August 14-18

    Where: San Diego, CA

    Hosted By: American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Nurse anesthetists

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: TBA


    APHON 44th Annual Conference and Exhibit

    When: September 3-5

    Where: New York City, NY

    Hosted By: Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses

    Topics Covered: TBA

    Who Should Attend: Advanced practice nurses, nursing students

    Agenda: TBA

    Cost: TBA

    Attend a Healthcare and Nursing Conference in 2019 and 2020 and Learn from the Best

    If you attend any of these professional nursing conferences in 2019 or 2020, you’ll be able to learn from experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals who can help you develop your skills and keep up with best practices in many aspects of nursing and healthcare.

    Before we get into the various events you can attend, here are some tips to keep in mind before attending any event.