New eShield™ Stay-Clean™ Smartphone and Tablet Covers Reduce Risk of Cross Contamination

    Jun 17, 2020 4:10:34 PM / by Christina Czeszewski

    Christina Czeszewski

    Whitney Medical Solutions, the Experts in Germ-Free Digital™, is proud to introduce the newest product in the eShield™ line of electronic device covers, non-sterile eShield™ Stay-Clean™ covers. Currently available in 4 sizes for smartphones and tablets.

    eShield™ Stay-Clean™ covers are designed to quickly and easily cover and seal the high touch surfaces of handheld devices to reduce the risk to yourself and others with whom you come in contact with from cross contamination in non-sterile environments. Surface barriers are an essential part of proper infection control protocol.

    Reduce Risk of Cell Phone Cross Contamination

    Think of it as PPE for
    your phone or tablet.

    Infection Prevention and Control

    There are many factors to consider while working to reduce well-known health-associated infections or health-acquired infections (HAIs), and added protection is needed as we learn more about COVID-19 in the reopening of physician offices, elective procedures, and the workplace as a whole.

    Seeing the challenge the medical industry is facing, it was a natural progression for our team to develop a less expensive, non-sterile cover due to our background with the FDA approved line of eShield™ Sterile Covers, to help reduce transmission,” said Steve Whitney, President of Whitney Medical Solutions. “Handheld devices can sometimes be a trojan horse in medical settings for bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. We are proud to be able to support the medical industry in their work – easier and safer.

    Adjustable Cell Phone Cover Helps Prevent Spread of Infection

    Numerous studies have shown the high degree to which cell phones and tablets are contaminated – even in hospitals and medical facilities. While it is widely accepted that hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection, its benefits are diminished when a contaminated device is touched. eShield™ Stay-Clean™ covers make the reduction of cross contamination from high touch surfaces easier, quicker, and less risky than disinfecting the device itself, multiple times daily, by replacing the disposable cover between contact with groups, meetings, or patient visits.

    Features of eShield™ Stay-Clean™

    Stay-Clean™ features a tear-resistant barrier protection using clear, FDA-approved material that is touch sensitive, even with double gloves. With an adjustable self-adhesive closure, you can get a snug fit and better touch screen performance. Designed for single use, Stay-Clean™ is disposable and recyclable. Manufactured in the USA.

    If you are interested in learning more about eShield™ Stay-Clean covers, or would like to try a sample, please visit

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