Real Solutions for Better Surgical Outcomes

Reducing variables during and after surgery reduces risk and maximizes the chance for sustained positive clinical outcomes. Reduced risk is something everyone wants - from patients and their families to every medical professional in the surgery center.  At Whitney Medical Solutions, we’re steadfast in our dedication to finding real solutions for real problems, including one variable that doesn’t have to be tolerated…the possibility of scratching a prosthesis.


Our line of plastic, disposable, No-Scratch™ Whitney Curettes™ is the solution to reducing the risk of micro scratches to the implant during surgery. Plastic minimizes the possibility of the implant being scratched by metal instruments. Inadvertent scratches can impact the strength of the new knee or hip long-term and impact positive outcomes.  Our No-Scratch Whitney Curettes also save time and money.  If there are variables or risks that need reducing in your surgical units, e-mail us – we may have a solution in development or we’ll be able to customize a new one to meet your specific needs.