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Bring Your Design
to the Sterile Field

Our FDA-approved eShield® Sterile Covers are the solutions for your OEM electronic medical devices and tablet-run software.

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Design your device or software for use in the sterile field, with eShield™ Sterile Covers to make use in the sterile field possible.

We can help medical device and software manufacturers like you ensure that your products meet the strict requirements for use in the operating room and other sterile fields. With the growing reliance on technology in this setting, it is important to have proper protective coverings to maintain a clean and safe environment for patients.


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Features and Benefits

Easy. Safe. Cost-Effective.

Our FDA-approved eShield® Sterile Covers allow your device to be used in the O.R. sterile field, protecting the patient from contaminants on the device.

They are available in standard and custom sizes and can also be private-labeled with your company info.

Made in the USA. 


Simplify Regulatory Approvals --
FDA Approved

Simplifies regulatory approval with your device in major markets.  One barrier that you will come up against is the FDA regulating how something can be used in the sterile field. With eShield™ Sterile Covers, we mitigate that concern by using FDA-approved  coverings for your device.


Maintain a Sterile Barrier in Surgery -- Meets ASTM 1670 Standards

To protect the sterility of the device, our eShields™ are designed to keep low surface tension liquid from penetrating through.


Use Touch Screens Even with Gloves

Allows your device or software to be used by gloved personnel.  If your device or software requires touch screens, our eShield™ Sterile Covers are friendly with gloves, and even double gloves.


Provide Crystal-Clear Images – Ultra Clear Film

Whether your device or software requires the visualization of high detail or can take photos, our covers optimize image quality.

Guidelines for Safe Use of Electronics in the Sterile Field

Discover all the precautions that should be enforced within the sterile field by using hand-held electronics.

Hand-held electronic devices cannot be easily resterilized in the hospital, and they pose a risk when used in the OR in proximity to the sterile field. Research studies confirm that these devices are contaminated at a high rate with pathogenic bacteria and organic material contamination.

Hand-held devices can be used in the OR in the following ways:

  • During intraoperative procedures.
  • For the purpose of taking pictures.
  • Participating in real time consultations.
  • Accessing patients' records.
  • and many more.

Discover all the precautions that should be in force within the sterile field with using hand-held electronics. 


Our Working Process



Identify Your Design's Requirements

We help you define design and use characteristics



Product Qualification

2016 Certified eShield Sterile is
510k approved



Design Phase
(for custom designs)

We work with you to design a custom cover, if appropriate



eShield Validation and Approval

Perform validation as may be required for your approval

Common Uses for Our Sterile Coverings

Whatever your use is, eShield™ Sterile Covers can help.

• Handheld imaging devices

• Tablets or smart devices running software in surgery

• Surgical navigation

• Orthopedic procedures

• Radiological imaging • Electronic IFU

• Digital patient records

• Surgical apps

• Digital tablets

• Surgical cameras

• Remote controls

• Displays

• Transducers

How Do Our Solutions
Fit Your Product?

Don’t see the product you need to cover?
We offer custom coverings for OEM designs.


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